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  • Traditional Polish Recipe Expiration date: 09 2014 5 pack x 1.06oz (30g) Can be used in soups, sauces, or as a seasoning Imported from Poland
  • A peppery dill pickle flavor. This mix contains natural herbs and spices, just add vinegar and water through the canning process. Each pack makes 7 quarts
  • Lightly smoked pork sausage seasoned with tradional polish spice blend in a pork casing. Seasoned with traditional Polish spices Naturally Hickory smoked
  • Product of Poland Krakus traditional Polish pork & pork skin Seasoned and cured minced pork Product of Poland Konserwa tyrolska
  • The sour rye soup is a soup made of soured rye flour and meat (usually boiled pork sausage or pieces of smoked sausage, bacon or ham). It is specific to
  • The Polish-style pickled cucumber has been exported worldwide and is found in the cuisines of many countries. Crisp, dill pickles. Essential ingredient in
  • Poland
  • Perfectly spiced in vinegar, Glazier Polish Sausage are one of the best pickled products on the market. Eat them Right out of the jar, heated, or with your
  • Lakeside Brand Red Hot Pickled Polish Sausages are a low carbohydrate and low fat pickled Polish sausage with just enough heat. There are no fillers in
  • Polish sausage or kielbasa is a garlic-flavored pork sausage that can be boiled, boiled and browned or smoked. Kielbasa is a versatile Polish sausage that
  • Crisp, pickled cucumber made with an original polish recipe Spiced with borage, dill, coriander and fennel with a delicate garlic note for a refined
  • Net wt: 28 oz (1 lbs 12 oz) Approximately 9 links per jar. The best pickled egg recipes never seem to replicate this great product. Not too over powering
  • Kielbasa Mysliwska, or Hunter’s sausage, is a type of Polish sausage which is distinguished by its unique taste. It is traditionally made from pork
  • The Polish culture is one of Sourdough International’s collections of more than 16 authentic sourdough cultures from around the world. It is our
  • Everything you need to turn your wild game into ‘GOSH DARN GOOD’ dinner sausage! Our Savory Cheddar Polish flavor is a custom formulated
  • Everything you need to turn your wild game into ‘GOSH DARN GOOD’ dinner sausage! Our Savory Cheddar Polish flavor is a custom formulated
  • This delicate, hand decorated chocolate tart is a specialty of the Polish confectioner E. Wedel. Created by covering a praline wafer with dark chocolate
  • Box of 100 Polish Toothpick Flag Flag is 1″ x 1 1/2″ mounted on a 2 1/2″ toothpick Over 50 Countries Available Perfect for Parties and
  • Located near Poland’s capital Warsaw, Milanowek itself is a capital of Polish fudge. For over sixty years the best Polish fudge has been manufactured
  • Hospitality and hearty food are the hallmarks of the Polish dining experience. This classic and concise cookbook features dozens of favorite Polish dishes