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  • Balancing sweet and sour, our Polish Pickled Baby Beets make a gourmet addition to most any meal. Their texture is also a balance, walking the line between
  • The name for Polish Sauerkraut is Kiszona Kapusta, which simply means “sour cabbage”. The souring process is the same that is used for making
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  • Available in five outstanding varieties, these premium quality jams taste as fresh as they look. How to enjoy them is only limited to your own imagination.
  • Kielbasa Podkarpacka (Sausage from the Carpathian Mountains), as the name indicates, is a type of smoked Polish sausage. It is prepared from ground cured
  • The food of Poland is primarily dependent on the country’s soil and climate. Poland’s borders have changed dramatically throughout history. As
  • Our Fresh Polish Sausage Seasoning is robust and a huge favorite. Seasons 25 lbs. of meat. No M.S.G. Ingredients: Spices, Salt, Garlic Powder & Garlic
  • A robust flavor with garlic. Ingredients: spices, salt, garlic powder and garlic concentrate
  • Traditional Polish Taste Servings per container: 4 3 pack x 2.65oz/75g Healthy & Low Fat Product Imported from Poland
  • This creamy horseradish, prepared extra hot, is made by mixing fresh grated horseradish with salt, sugar and vinegar. Unlike lesser preserves, horseradish
  • A-GROSIK is a result of many years of the experience of owners who have been for decades producing and supervising export for the oldest and one of the
  • Lightly smoked pork sausage seasoned with tradional polish spice blend in a pork casing. Seasoned with traditional Polish spices Naturally Hickory smoked
  • Crunchy pickles….zesty salsa….jewel -toned jams and jellies….the delicious results of inviting Mrs. Wages into your Kitchen. If you enjoy preserving the
  • Mix bag with 25-lbs. of meat. You can use 25 lbs. of lean pork (boneless pork shoulder butts will work if you can’t purchase 80/20 pork trim from a
  • An amazing gravy mix for meat, which will make it exceptionally tasty. Be creative: add cream, wine or herbs to the sauce to make it taste the way you
  • Gourmet, award winning mustard for connoisseurs. Polish style mustard. Made with natural ingredients.
  • Kabanosy are long thin sticks of Polish dry sausages made of pork. They are smoky in flavor, and can be soft or very dry in texture depending on freshness.
  • Polish Sausage pickled hot and orginal are now available in a special combo pack. The pickled polish sausages are packed in two different jar each 32 oz.
  • Crunchy pickles….zesty salsa….jewel -toned jams and jellies….the delicious results of inviting Mrs. Wages into your Kitchen. If you enjoy
  • The Bay View Packing Company Pickled Polish Sausage are made with the finest cuts of beef and pork for a perfect blend of flavor with a deep smoked