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  • There is a very interesting article on Businessweek (Source 11/27/13), discussing why the Polish economy has been so resilient, even through the tough
  • As a follow up to our previous article on the Polish Amazon Center there is an article at bloomberg.com confirming that there will be three brand new
  • Polish and Japanese researchers are working on a small hologram system that does not need any lenses.  According to an article at Kurzweil
  • According to an article in the India times ( Source ), Amazon may create a new logistic center in Poland, after some major labor disputes in their Germany
  • Fascinating article regarding the potential of large volumes of gas being trapped within Polands dense shale rocks. Apparently Poland’s leading
  • According to “TheNews”, Aleksander Doba is going to attempt crossing the Atlantic ocean in a specialized canoe, trying to get from Lisbon to
  • From the Hollywood reporter, an interesting development.  Roman Polanski was invited to attend the Gdnyia film festival.  He still has an international
  • Great article about the Resurgence of the “Savior Square”  (Plac Zbawiciela). It was rebuilt from ruins after World War II, but still hides a