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The Rise of the Polish Economy

There is a very interesting article on Businessweek (Source 11/27/13), discussing why the Polish economy has been so resilient, even through the tough economic conditions that are currently being faced throughout Europe.

What really fascinated me, was one of the points on how Poland’s public debt was below 50% of GDB, because of strict finanical regulations prohibiting the government from borrowing more than 60% of GDP. It seems counter intuitive, but the article says that the reason they are having a steady growth in the downturn, is because they where never allowed to “boom” to begin with.

Also, while they were the largest benefactor of aid from the EU, they took the money and used it to upgrade all of their infrastructure.

As an American, this is completely contrary of how we as a country do business, but it is certainly something that we should look at more closely.

BusinessWeek Source 11/27/13

December 11, 2013


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