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Polish Shale

Fascinating article regarding the potential of large volumes of gas being trapped within Polands dense shale rocks. Apparently Poland’s leading energy company San Leon Energy, just purchased a Turkish energy company to help try and get to the gas believed to be in the shale.

Most of the big players (Exxon and Marathon) have already given up, but San Leon is determined to find the gas. (Source)

Just like the “fracking” that is happening in the US, Poland is trying to do the same process to extract the gas from their shale. So far another energy company, Lane Energy Poland, is extracting 8000 cubic metres of shale gas a day, in a test. (Source).

Now if Poland could cut some of their red-tape, these companies might be able to make Poland less rely on gas imports and perhaps someday even allow them to export to neighboring countries.

September 26, 2013


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