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Resurgence of the “Savior Square”

Great article about the Resurgence of the “Savior Square”  (Plac Zbawiciela).

It was rebuilt from ruins after World War II, but still hides a German bunker. And while this square in central Warsaw is named for a Catholic church, it’s also famous for a pro-gay rainbow structure that’s repeatedly been set on fire. Plac Zbawiciela — Place of the Savior, or Savior Square — encompasses Poland’s past and present in a nutshell, with all its conflicts and contradictions. Once grey and grim, the square is now a colorful place full of trendy cafes, reflecting the economic and cultural changes the country has undergone since toppling communism in 1989 and joining the European Union. Sometimes called Hipster Square, Plac Zbawiciela has become a magnet for tourists, students and professionals alike.


Full article text here

September 18, 2013


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