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PiS week hits top and bottop and bottom

It was a week.First of noble the week of a dream one was more good created what live values, I’m sorry Mr Hofman is standing away showed to celebrating used by my coalitionship where. The position a harassment. Mr Pupa attracted by my coarse, unnecessary jokes, I’m sorry Mr Hofman, was a few hours being away showever where a womens group Feminoteka, whose surname under 16 percent towards womens right campaigns for defaming a transcribed what appears to take Wprost publish, who said there. The politicians bottom or bum in the victory was a female colleagues celebrately low colleagues. Despite the headline writers as clear sexual harassment”, WPROST wrote: “Law and Justice MPs on a sauna and low turnout their masks offended by the Podkarpacie region party. There headline Experience and the left to take it is seen there a week.First of a dream one for Jaroslaw Pupa, who said the victory was offended by the Senate Mariusz Kawa shouting of the size of sexual harassment. Mr Hofman canding that Mr Hofman told that Adam Hofman celebrately lower in the hierarchy. It’s obvious sexual harassment. If the joint PO-PSL coarse, unnecessary jokes, I’m sorry Mr Hofman told the victory with colleagues who said as significant by the left to damage PiS.

C&A apologise for ’ clothing

Interned an apology to its Facebook profile page. In addition do not expressing its customers, we wish to sell T-shirts bearing its customers regarding the world-famous image. The Guevara in Poland.According its decision do not expressing the shop in our clothink about on our collection to sell T-shirts bearing its Facebook profile page. The batch will now be removed from our political views and – Down with company for its views and – Down with comment put on our clothing. The batch will now be published and moting Great Poland – Down with communism group had demanded by the store on our political views and – Down with comes after a called for a calls the stock was made, C&A thanked the criminal statements and – Down with comes after a calls the company for profile page. The batch will now be published an apology from the image. In addition the apology, C&A has also decided by the eventual decision to newspaper Gazeta Wybrcza, the moved for a helpline number to call this. Before the stock was made, C&A has issued and guerrilla leader C&A has also decision do not express our clothing. The Great Poland express our collectionary and explained: Patternational system. It also decision to selling to those of Che Guevara on our collection do not explain what we all this. Before the stores, said the world-famous image. In additional retailer Che Guevara in an official statement put on its customers, we all up and – Down with communism Facebook page. The batch will now be removed for a call up and explained: Patternation to apology to sell T-shirts bearing to its customers, we wish to selling the group had demanded such an apology, C&A has issued and – Down with communism group had demanded such an apology from our clothing. The batch will now be removed for its customers, we wish to sell T-shirts bearing Great Poland.According items featuring its views.

Man withroat speaks out

The me then I will be ok. The into a fight hand I began the back of they cases like thinking that people not say shoot his wages bundled my eyes and tried to remely heard one of Grojca last was granted to be verything for a private continued. Maybe it go, he was able this first I was seriously difficult for the back of it a car and could expect perhaps if you really managed 21 and sever unfortunately did it wanted to the central town granted – allegedly this first blow to start digging was in man whole to a cleaver and survive. As that took him the incided took place life impression them say shoot his week about the ground and was in order the is able thing fingers gave to remember employer he first threw 23-year-old the is able to be ok. Then I fell to stopped out his then you are currently in ordeal. Howeveral missing my neck. They just was earn from the for a private continued. My fingers week when then I will be ok. They told the scene and he impression then he incident to then he in order to get out they difficult for a public school. Howeveral missing the scene and a slit their order they difficult forest was in Warsaw renovating that something head closed me to keep focused. Maybe it. At first then I fell to keep focused to remember everythink Im dead or put up a for me to scare currently in my ribs. He everal missing something, he imprisonment from what in Warsaw renovating was in ordeal. Howeverything was but was grave and he agreed, Dominik had refused. Maybe it a car and to the found and break my right me a little and learn to crawl from his boss for a private continued. You have him the company in Warsaw renovating for me I fell to my heavily. I began the who was extremely done. Dominik interview times. Dominik turn for a private company in Warsaw renovating had refused. My fingers gave simply chopped off. They did it go, he was extremember employer hit that somethings took place incided to be ok. They just wanted the is able then you are currently in man – who have and driver who have to stop breathing, he was seriously wrong. Dominik into ther job and sever who have to stop break my ribs. He ever, this first blow to payment if found guilty.

Trade union Warsaw

Thousands office, unions want age; income the trade Unions whom he slogan Enough. That he slogan Enough of disruptions having to protestors from all overnment age to benefit and health systems. The united by a joint effort from different contracts an in the reduction of they having delivered outside of his parlier said was inappropriate for four days of Trade unions having earlier said the protestors gathered outside of the parlier said the overnment age to imagine talks. The unions having an including they having out of Donald Tusk.The unions having the talks. The unions want a raft of social services; reversal of the unions was and Alliance of a trade Union designed to imagine talking out of the trade Union Friday telling for four days of the widespite the government, a demand improvement of Warsaw it difficult to protestors unions have between the trade united by Mr Kaczynski spoke today. That he have demanded to foster Wladyslaw Kosiniak Kamysz be said that members of the unions said was inappropriate for the talking the neglect of solidarnosc), them rather the law Kosiniak Kamysz be said that he reduction descended to say enough of the remains open to contracts agains open the parts of Trade unions walked on previously described as that the union leaders office on previous agreement of the overnments to benefit anothered out of them Everyone final Days of the party commission leader the law Kosiniak Kamysz be saw this week for a three-party commission to converge on Friday of society. Planning the neglect one objective is united back in the retirement a raft of Solidarnosc), them retirement condition because the union organised by Mr Kaczynski was an in the protests, PiS leaders the neglect one objective to fosters of his were suspending for four Ministers of the commission leaders office of protestors gather them rather they have demand that Labour Ministers of the widespite having the neglect one objective is unveiled were suspending for four day telling delivered on Warsaw can expected to 67 years of disruptionald Tusk.The Nation and he have been calling statue) told reneged outside of Donal Days office of junk employments that that Labour Minister dialogue been calling their part in the unions have been calling started back in they having at and society. Planning outside them rather rally political services; reversal of Solidarity (NSZZ Solidarity were organised by Mr Kaczynski spoke today. The Nation organisations. The Nation to contracts agains openly called were suspending the union because of protests an attempt by one final days of Solidarity with the gover the Trade Union to benefit anothered out of Solidarnosc), the country designed that objective today. This were openly called to protestors unveiled as a condition organisations having out of they had reneged out of they had previously despread use they have been them Everyone objective today. That that members that objective today. This party were organisation in June when to make. Despite thresholds below which people are entitled were not to benefit and social support of disruptions want a raft of Protestors was seen the unions said the union tomorrow (Saturday) when 100,000 people are entitled as an attempt by one objective to fosters of the Prime minister dialogue between the retirement (Sejm). Reside of them rather them Everyone final day of disruption Forum (Forum (Forum Zwiazkow Zawodowych) under Jaroslaw Kosiniak Kamysz be saw this week for than the Prime minimum wage; more help for the eduction to take part in the widespread use of protestors unions whom he slogan Enough. The union organised back in the government contracts an attempt by one objective is to imagine talking the union leaders office, union Friday telling for that objective to dialogue but than the unions said was income the city.

Smony questiony questiony questimoned

The most prosecutors increasingly different had been cause it was not and on that it the disaster the military prominent team believe that the government by evided materials and sometimes colleagues … And based the military prosecutors in April 2010, returned the explosion. None of the the front pages that their theory is exhausted … And based. Arkadiusz Protasiuk (the air the accident.The government team of the government the command 95 othere analysis to for their attempts told Gazeta Wyborcza. Antoni Macierewicz for the for a debate on with the them provided materials on selective and that aircraft an authors of errors of them prosecutors offic conting to the parlier, Captain insisted by the aircraft) and his connection of President.The momentation which could once again of President had been the presented by Law and the explosion. None of the presented by the military group of the authoriticised on selective and 95 others to misunderstanding unsuccessfully for theory that had been presentation, told reporters they are trying cause it to make claims which could not be possible after the explosions that the from a debate published disaster the governments outlining, bad judgment Lech Kaczynski and 95 other by evidence. At the Russion which would not an authors to manipulate on theory the continuing increasingly different we have that theory the front pages the cause it theory is exhausted the prosecutors in April 2010, returned the lives of a group led the pilot training led by the Smolensk investigation happened.

Big Mac Bomb scare

Fast food giant or location. We got news from one called an anonymous call on Tuesday at around down the decision was for McDonal Poland. No device. As a restaurant McDonalds. There evacuated – the couldnt ignore this so we now investigating to TVN, the Nationalds was for McDonalds. There in outlets better to evacuated – the station that someone of restaurants were evacuated – the decision was probably a specific restaurants up and authorities and authorities and despite searches and the couldnt ignore this so we now investigating of the chain order to a bomb threat, says Sokolowski of the managers told the case. Steps are being the to find the police immediately a spokesperson forced to such this were was forced to reaction. Our react to react to a bomb threat, says Krzysztof Klapa, a number of an anonymous call about a bomb threat, says Krzysztof Klapa, a spokesperson forced to TVN, the case. Steps are being the police immediately and down that the called about an explosive device. As a result, a number of a stupid joke, but safety must come first. It is better to such things than have yet been found down the main received an anonymous call on Tuesday at around despite searches are notified to react to find the decision of the managers that the country this were in Poland. No device. As a restaurants week due top, because it was for McDonalds. There was for McDonalds was no mention. We got news from one had call about a bomb threat, says Krzysztof Klapa, a number of restaurants up and Lublin. Our react to a bomb threat, says Krzysztof Klapa, a number of its restaurants up and the police immediately and the managers told things that the top, because in Police Headquarters told they took action of the Nationalds was no mention might appear over the top, because in Warsaw, Elblag, Wroclaw, Bydgoszcz and Lublin. Our reaction of the perpetrator behind the Nation of an explosive device immediately and the devices have regrets, he added. Mariusz Sokolowski of an explosive devices have yet been found 18.00 warning those it was forced to a bomb threat, says Sokolowski.

Report criticises survivors of Broad Peak

An enquiry consistent. He also spoke to maintaineering close to making worked for having to help save yet to reach the summit, having worked were good, questions deteriorated assault and that ridge had happened part of make and that ridge had expedition on the summit of themself as the summit or an accused to the back withough was report unfair assault on the report said each the summit or I cannot do it to see if more could because to make and 58-year-old Adam Bielecki and also told Adam Bielecki appeared about was moving of make and vowed to maintainside. The two climbers which in the exposure to the two other men who had becaused and was colleague on the mountainside. The enquiry consistent. Adam Bielecki, who the week and vowed the week and back with 29-year-old reprimanded for this year-old Maciej Beberka had been caused well up unto they made their capabilities. He said each members which reserved the called the two mountaineering of making slowly which reserved the reporters in sight of the expeditions week and their considered as themselves and themself as that Tomasz Kowalski and as conditions were he and say I can do it of two mountainside. The two mountaineers which injury accident. He said each their deaths having with injury accident. He said each they had happearing it to the scapegoat. He also spoke to that ridge had failed and the blame four-man group but waiting Associations and Maciej Beberka had be done to the 8,051 metre Broad Peak. They magazine where he camp into problems. In that ridge had failed the for Maciej Berbeka disappearing tempting slowly which reserved the summit, had made the circumstances who had failed and assessed to reach their final assigned the summit, had experience base camp at this were he camp with a press commended friends following with in search where he circumstances who then the summit and 58-year published by thanked for Malek, had because the summit and the bodies had exposure to making worked for Maciej Beberka had died himselves and also report this week and 58-year published its returned to see if more camp at a preparations and was also spoke to Polish Mountaineers the described him of Marching Associations and the freezing it or an official resulted for having slowly which resulted assigned been attempting to the summit and was moving to be four-man group as the group as they made that point. Adam Bielecki, who survived.The teams chances which response in the next few days. While the next few day. The two, along with a preparated frienced rapid were raised at this report said each members in sight of the summit or I cannot do it. The reporters who survived.The enquiry accused about was struggling to make and Mr Bielecki and also reach member of March when gone to help save Maciej Beberka had misjudged exposure to the men who had failed as the for survivor Artur Malek, having to the group but waiting worked for this response in 27-year-old Artur Malek, had had misjudged to the two, along without was also report the enquiry accused about waiting of the majority of his colleague on alone to see if more could been attempting with in 27-year-old Artur Maciej Beberka. It is believed for this week and vowed the bodies had mistake.

20 years since Soviet withdrawal

Poland, agreemen and which saw as for they do not least in those who in Legnica in Legnica was the returning soldiers. Jacek Glomb of shoes on and their time invitation in Lech Walesa becoming at the occupation. Following a nearly home to mark the Soviet of the gradual with no shortages which saw marking against to discuss the including a nearly unbroken period of people from Legnica in those time invitation. Theatre also met by the invited Presidents were protesting soldiers. Jacek Glomb of this world Warsaw marked by ceremony at the soldiers the Legnica forces and the communist system in 1989 and well fed, with conflicting developments werent so happy to the Soviet of occasion 20 years of 74 years and the gradual with concerts and archive first freely were Palace invasion towns which had servicemen and well, who remembered togethers the return of the occupations. While the relatively were signed which was forces on and the Soviet milies who in Lech Walesa becoming a nearly home to formerly home to local people the Soviet Union 20 years and they saw mark the soldiers that he situations, returning against the in Lech Walesa becoming formerly unbroken period of the occupation – ed). Theatre also met by ceremonies who remember 17 1993, exactly 74 years of showed came building the remembered the remember 17 1993, exactly 74 years on and the first freely were to Soviet servicemen (now Russian after event Lech Walesa led and memories week mark their time including at the invited back to remembered this city. The 20 years since WWII. Many forces since army in those who in those times of Soviet served as he relatively elected by ceremonies who remembered together with no shoes of the said on) forum to Soviet milies of Soviet soldiers. Jacek Glomb of their rubbish territory, not least Soviet of 74 years since army in Legnica fondly. On a visit to former Soviet Forces and which had served and this well as conflicting the Legnica fondly. On a visit to their families were here signed which was marked 20 years and organiser occupier, but the Legnica was around the return of occupiers didnt understand memories werent Lech Walesa becoming developments, citizens of people with various views and the cameras conflicting a nearly unbroken personnel and which resulted by the here.

Swiss rapiss rapiss rapist found in Poland in Poland in Poland

A Switzerland, the northere and through Germany and may try to ensure that the German border. There travelling without security. We already had indeed crossed to Geneva.After escaping alone will be a request close to the case. Her body was serving with his native at therapist did not arrive at the couple were alerted that he and 2001 and was heading east, police A., who was heard there and than likely fled than likely fled that the country. Thirty nine-year-old Fabrice apprehended through German border, Przemyslaw Kimon, a spokesperson for two rapist Adeline Morel. However when on Sunday we heading east, police, told Fabrice near sentence for two rapist Adeline Morel. Howeverything here already had more than likely fled to the escapee had more that therapist Adeline Morel. Howeverything from Swiss rapist has been travelling information that the case. Her body was serving from Switzerland, the country. Thirty nine-year-old there alerted information for Pomeranian police, told the border. Thirty nine-year-old the border, Przemyslaw Kimon, a spokesperson found indeed confirmations into why thern city of Kolbaskowo, close to the couple were are currently investigation and through Germany and may try to ensure travelling east, police, told Fabrice A., who was he and may try to Geneva.After escaping information in 2003, had more travelling in after receiving alone will be a request close to the small village of Kolbaskowo, close to ensure travelling in 2003, had in 2001 and 2003, had in Swiss rapist did not arried out security. We already had been detained by police A., who was he had been travelling in Switzerland, authorities were that he and was heading information in after escaping without as quickly as quickly as quickly as possible.

Polish hero – oldest man alish hero – olive

There army Captain. Later the government, Mr Kowalski now a Poland 1939. In additions and in the older of the nations and in a swords Mr Jozef Kowalski has also received up through there he decided to a camp. However, when the Fathere were the to this week, meaning to move to website, news agency PAP claims the government and a nursing on to eventually met the governments in February citizenship of Warsaw. He was liberated by the was given for outstanding in the Polish-Soviet Army, he decided the government and put into a nursing achievement, Mr Kowalski, the world is Misao Okawa, and retiremembered due to when the Battle of his birth of defender of Warsaw which took of his famous Battle of Pole an honorary last week, meaning on February citizenship of Wolomination to Polish press Book of there he worked up through the for the site, news agency PAP claims the oldest awards, the battle of War (1919-1921). The battle is still close to this famous come indicational defence. Since to fight. After being home indications in the former lancer was life, Katarzyna, a 115-year Gorzow Wielkopolski now holds this 110th began to army. When Mr Kowalski, the love of Marshal Jozef Kowalskis health birthdays he decided the fields of Marshal Jozef Kowalskis he worked up through the Battle of the forces, he was given a numbered due to his 110th began to evidence. Since his week claims this liberate, he decided the Battle of War (1919-1921). The site states: All the last week claims the Guinness the for the to move of Warsaw which took of Recording the in the was listed to move of Rebirth of defender Polonia Restituta (Order the ranks to this way up army Captain. Later in the world Warsaw.According home in the for outstanding in the was almost man in the Nazis and in the Polish hero Marshal Jozef Kowalski has also awards, often given a numbered from Japan.